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9 Months in 9 Months out

Being a Mother is learning about the strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fever you never knew existed.

In the July of 2019 my oven detected a bun and a lot has changed ever since. This was also the time my husband and I had just immigrated to Canada, Yes! So two weeks after landing as PR residents in Canada we got’ The News’, honestly I was happy but so so worried, tensed, lost, emotional and much much more than I can’t put into words. We decided to take a deep breath and start one day at a time.

Once my health card was in I got in touch with an obstetrician who would take care of my health and the babies for the next 9 months. The maternity clinic I choose did an extensive understanding of my health background, family and my current situation in Canada. Here was where I saw a shining ray of hope that things are going to get better. They introduced me to ‘Best Beginning’ program which assisted me with everything related to pregnancy outside the clinic. I was so grateful for all the help this beautiful program extended and helped me through my 9 months.

Now cut to the dreadful first trimester. So after gross vomiting of 3 days when I found out the reason for it in the first place little did i know that it wouldn’t leave till I went into labor. Hyperemesis gravidarum, (an extreme form of morning sickness) was a condition I had which happens to like 1 in 50 women, what were the odds!!! 50 nausea pills, lots of tumbs and a temporarily developed motion sickness later I was just done with being pregnant already. Man being pregnant is not easy only a Mother can understand this statement to the core. So I remember it was only in my second trimester around my birthday that I started feeling a little better (less vomiting a little of eating) You won’t believe when I say this, I lost 6 kilos in my first trimester. Shocked?

So this is when you think yay now its going to be a smooth journey, stop! continue reading. My dietician checked in with me and gave me a heads up my Iron has fallen and it will continue to fall considering I am not eating much and the baby is absorbing it all. So I had to eat like every 1-2 hours and be wise about what I choose as it had to be beneficial. I looked pale and sick, well staying at home most of the time also added to the misery. So i decided to enroll myself with a Childcare Development program for the next 3 months. It took my mind off stuff, I became certified as a level 1 childcare worker and made so many new friends. Among all this juggling I was also planning my baby registry and nesting for the little arrival. This was by far the best part of my pregnancy 😍.

After like 36 weeks of having a bun in my oven I was anxious and eager as to when will SHE (yes i knew the gender) arrive. I did duck walks, squats, ate all sorts of stuff that induces labor because it kind of gets saturating as your due date closes in. But she had decided she will be punctual and enjoy her time inside. Yes on the day of my due date at 4:30am was when I started my contractions. The next night at 2:46am I pushed her out of me. (My labor story is damn intense, but that’s for another time)

Holding and cuddling her in my arms for the first time made me forget the last 9 months. And soon after began the next 9 months of sleepless nights, leaking boobs, grow spurts, cluster feeds and sore nipples. Its not a fairy tale, so no happily lived ever after. Just kidding! But yeah motherhood is tons and tons of perseverance but I mean it when I say that one look at your baby and it all seems to go away. Watching her grow everyday gave birth to a different me. Living through her milestones gave me happiness like never before. I remember her first smile, laugh, coohoo, babble, flip, crawl, step. Wow writing this is making my lips spread from end to end. This was just the part I could put into words, there is so much beyond this.

Everytime I look at her it reminds me how strong, courageous and powerful I am.

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