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Celebrating Women’s Day with Aplomb

Being an entrepreneur leads to a number of hardships, but if you are a woman, be ready to face a multitude of problems! But what sets women entrepreneurs apart from others? Do they conduct business differently? Or are they more efficient? The answer lies in the fact that women entrepreneurs manage multiple roles beautifully. They are the homemakers as well as the breadwinners. They are responsible for the well-being of their kids while also ensuring that their professional roles are adequately managed. This talent of being multifaceted is unique for women and therefore they make for excellent entrepreneurs.

Home Industry Incubator (Hi!) recently celebrated International Women’s Day with a very interesting campaign. Hi! which is predominantly owned and managed by women employees is a prime example of successful women entrepreneurship. The campaign focused on promoting all of the women clients who run a successful start-up or an established organization. From apparel makers to home bakers and even coaching class owners. It was delightful to read their stories and understand the underlying principle which makes them a success. It was aptly observed that each of these successful entrepreneurs have trusted their instincts in their craft and have thus gone ahead and established their brands. These women are successfully running their organizations while also being married, running the home and doing other ‘duties’ which are expected off them.

The campaign then shifted their focus towards their own employees who are playing different roles and are helping the company to grow. Again, what one could observe from these amazing stories was the fact that every employee had a vision for themselves and they set about to achieve it. Not only did they consider hustling and achieving something big, they worked towards it meticulously. Given the immense talent that is backing this company, no wonder it is reaching the sky!

Women entrepreneurs in our humble opinion will bring about a major change in the corporate world. It will slowly build the industry and make it more accepting of all genders. Not very long ago, women were considered the weaker sex and were confined to traditional roles. But these barriers have been broken and today what women can achieve is open for all to see and learn. It won’t be long when women will be at par with men at everything.

This blog is thus dedicated to all the strong women who took it upon themselves to rise above the obvious and play multiple roles. To make their mission to make a name for themselves and not be known only for being someone’s daughter, wife or mother. It is time, they banded together for the achievement of personal as well as professional goals!

To end this blog, let us quote Hillary Clinton:

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the World.” So don’t leave them untapped, let them soar and achieve!

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