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Joy of Street Shopping Rediscovered!

With the advent of malls and high-end shopping, the street shopping culture is slowly fading away. Apart from young college students, we don’t see a lot of people opting to rummage through the long line up of similar looking street stalls selling absolutely everything under the sun. Ah! The wonderful days of youth are mighty missed. I have observed that the present generation is more focussed on online buying or popping up to a nearby mall for a quick purchase. The charm of street shopping is inadvertently fading. 

Restraining myself from lamenting about the good old days, here are 4 street shopping areas across the globe that you must visit!

1. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai, India

For someone who is looking for a complete immersive street shopping experience, Colaba Causeway is their best bet. One of the most eclectic places to visit, it is a complete shoppers paradise. Home to products ranging from clothes, to ethnic jewelry, shoes and also books, this place is a must visit for those who love to roam the streets. However, make sure you bargain profusely since this is one of the most visited places by tourists. 

If you find yourself feeling famished with so much of shopping, visit the famous Cafe Leopold or Cafe Mondegar, two of the oldest cafes out there.

Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

2. Khan-e-Khalili, Cairo, Egypt

Wouldn’t it be a lot of fun if you could access medieval malls? Khan-e-Khalili is just that! It is one of the most vibrant markets, selling hordes of products that range from soaps, clothes, toys to souvenirs and marble items. This open air market is traditionally known as a ‘Souk’ and is a perfect amalgamation of old world charm with new age products! The market itself was once the financial center of the Fatimid Era, and then became the trade center in later years. Today it serves as a must-visit market, especially of you are interested in local knick-knacks. Like all other street markets, haggling is a part of the buying process here. All prices are substantially marked up, therefore make sure you start from really low!

3. Ubud Market, Bali, Indonesia 

The famous and well-know Ubud market in Bali, Indonesia is a favourite amongst tourists. From souvenirs to self gifts there is everything available in this single lane. Cluttered with humans around the world shopping for their loved ones its a vibrant locality. I purchased handmade wallets with Bali painted on it, surfboard keychains with names engraved on it, soothing body oils and not to forget a T-shirt which has Tanha Lot on it( I dearly love it).

P.S: you have to bargain a lot to buy it at a best bet. They quote sky high prices.

Ubud Market, Bali

4. Meena Bazar, Dubai

Who would have thought that the city of malls would be home to some amazing flea markets and street shopping? Meena Bazar is the epitome of cheap and quick buying in the city. Located in Bur Dubai, it is nothing but a slice of India in Dubai! This market is home to some of the best gold, silver, clothing and shoes from the Asian subcontinent. The narrow lanes and by-lanes are all crammed with tiny stores, offering scores of items! If you have been to Dubai, and not been to Meena Bazar, believe me, you’ve missed out on the best shopping experience!

Meena Bazaar, Dubai

To conclude, street shopping is a common phenomenon across the globe, you only need to find the will to venture outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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