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The Weekend Retreat

Lake at Nandanvan Farms

Weekends these days have become more and more about a get away, staycation, disappearing into the woods. After a hectic and busy week we all want to be away from the hustling city to breathe in serenity and tranquillity. Although Mumbai is surrounded by a bunch of resorts very few live up to the expectations and provide the ambience we are thirsty for.

Cycling our way to the resort

Last weekend I visited a new upcoming resort in the outskirts of Pune and believe me it was worth traveling so much and enjoying time with family away from social media. Nandanvan Farms is a dream of a man who wants to provide a haven for everyone who knocks on his door. From a massive play court to cosy rooms to a refreshing lake side view they have really developed a retreat.I know you’ll are thinking what about the food? Their have barbeque night, finger licking deserts and chefs here can cook some great cuisines.

Pool side with rain dance

We reached Nandanvan Farms in the afternoon and grab lunch quickly. There was coal chicken, mouth melting brinjal curry, butter chicken and jeera rice. For dessert they served hot halwa which was truly delicious. We rested a bit and spent the evening in the pool and did I mention they have rain dance too. The dip in the pool was so refreshing, quite a relief from the heat. Soon after we jumped off the pool they had hot tea ready with bhajjis. My mouth waters as I write about the food here. Since we were already tired by now after the eventful day our eyes set on the play court and oh boy we couldn’t resist. Boys lingered around the billiards table, I ran towards the foosball table (can’t express how much I love it) and those left took up table tennis or the carrom board. Just to add to the activities they have there is badminton, boating, kite flying, cycling and a lot more. So you basically don’t want to go to your room.

It was soon time for dinner and our barbeque night began. I was so dunked into the tikkas I forgot to click pics of take videos of the meat grilling. My best dish of the night was creamy malai tikka and barbequed mushrooms. I can’t count how many pieces I ate. With an overflowing tummy it was finally time to hit the bed.

The next morning after breakfast which was eggs and malpuas we decided to take a walk by the lake obviously to shoot picturesque photos. I then sweated playing badminton and enjoyed every bit of the physical workout it made me do. The other ladies went cycling around the lake and had a pleasant time too.

I decided to rest in my room for a bit before lunch because I realised it’s Monday tomorrow. After a succulent Chinese lunch and lots of sheerkhurma (made for us on demand) we packed a bag full of memories and left for our abode.

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