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The City with a Thousand Minarets

Cairo also known as Al-Qāhirah (“The Victorious”) is Egypt’s sprawling capital, set on the Nile River for more than 2000 years now. It’s the largest city in the Arab world and Africa, and its metropolitan area is the 16th largest in the world.

Cairo has a rich and a glorious history, we did read about this in books but the trip down there made us live it. The city was the seat of ancient Egyptian civilization and tradition. The magnificent Pyramids, the Sphinx and several historical monuments validate the rich history of Cairo. The city thus has inspired many historians, anthropologists and archaeologists. Other historic monuments situated within this city include the Mosque of Baybars I and Saladin’s Citadel. Among the major bazaars within the central walled city is the Khān al-Khalīli, an expansive assortment of shops near al-Azhar Mosque. The major north-south thoroughfare is Shāriʿ al-Muʿizz li-Dīn Allāh, which bisects the old city and along which stand the major mosques and markets. Shāriʿ al-Azhar; was created in the 1920s to link the mosque of that name with Al-ʿAtabah al-Khaḍrā Square streetcar terminal, Shāriʿ al-Azhar now connects the old city with the central business district.

Are you ready to walk through and be mesmerized by this city’s breathtaking architecture? Scroll down then!

The Arabic culture and architecture is something that I have always marveled at. The intricacies in it’s designing and the delightful presence of floral motifs have made it a very attractive style. This lamp with it’s intricate designs was extremely attractive and I couldn’t help but capture the intricate shadow it made on the walls!

The majestic Al Jame Al Anwar
This majestic and huge mosque located in the Heart of Cairo is something that shouldn’t be missed. It’s beauty lies not just in it’s interesting history but also in the architectural wonders that are a part of this structure. From intricate designs to the use of Qura’anic verses, this Masjid boasts of elegance and opulence.
The Great Pyramids Of Giza
Among the seven wonders of the world this historic structure still stands strong even after 4000 years. About 2.3 million stone blocks were used to build the pyramid you see on your left. These massive blocks weight millions of tons and one single block comes up to the upper body of an average height-ed human. Designed as a tomb, the Great Pyramid contains three burial chambers that were intended to house Khufu and the litany of goods and treasures he would take with him in the afterlife. Do add this wonder in your Itinerary when you visit Cairo.

The Sphinx
An iconic Giant statue of the mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human. It’s body is created from a single stone and this structure looks absolutely amazing when you go near it to explore further. Really makes you think of the hard work put forth by the workers to erect this wonderful structure
The Nile River
The longest and among the most famous rivers in the world Nile played a vital role in building the pyramids. Flowing across nine countries this versatile river was the primary source of water supply in ancient Egypt. Put this on your checklist right away to take a rejuvenating boat ride in this river, you can also try for a cruise dinner if you wish.

Cairo Through the window
Cairo , a city that exudes old-world charm is one that I have never experienced before. It is so full of colors, that you will get lost in it’s charm. The old buildings and fort walls take you to a time that is untravelled and unexplored. I loved every moment of it, even if it was dirty, chaotic and hot! In this pic you see the city of Cairo from the windows of Masjid Al Juyushi set atop a mountain. Made me realize how tiny we are in the scope of things. 

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