2018: The Year of Women

Each year brings a lot of new experiences along, which help us to form our world view while also enabling us to make new strides. 2018 was a year of surprises and new directions. The year was all about women and women empowerment as was evident with the highly publicized #Metoo movement. It put women as the forerunners of change and thus created a legacy of empowerment. The year also saw new trends, new technologies and new spaces all dedicated towards women.

As this blog is owned by two women entrepreneurs we thought to kick start it with our round-up of all thing women!

  • The #Metoo Movement: This was one of the highlights of 2018 as the movement helped to give identity to the victims and bring forth serious issues experienced across the globe. Women have always felt unsafe and uncomfortable in myriad of situations, places and roles, they have never had the courage to come forward and speak. This movement helped countless of victim to gather courage and face their oppressors and point them out, without being worried of what the world will think or say about them. While it is still at its nascent stage, it sure will empower more women world-wide.
  • Women in Politics: The biggest example of this was Hillary Clinton running for presidency in the USA. The grit, the determination was amazing and it helped to showcase what women can achieve! Her poise throughout the campaign was commendable and she took every glitch with a stride. If nothing else, it gave more power to young women to rise in fields that are predominantly male-centric.
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Wedding: While this was commercialized and talked about till no end, what I personally loved was the fact that Meghan took all the hate and trolling in her stride. It was an unconventional marriage knowing that the Royal Family is very guarded in terms of protocol. Marrying an outsider, with ethnic roots and being from a glamorous field was an achievement in itself. Moreover, she also embodied the epitome of womanhood when she sacrificed her career for the sake of marrying Prince Harry. A remarkable wedding overall.
  • Women in Gaming: Video gaming was traditionally considered a male-centric activity; however the narrative has changed considerably as the gaming scene is witnessing a rise in women viewers as well as players. No longer is the console a buy’s plaything, women are equally enjoying games like PUBG, Fortnite and the traditional Halo. According to a report by Entertainment Software Association of April 2018, 45% of US gamers are women! That is a hell lot of female gamers out there!
  • Women in Sports: P.V. Sindhu made india proud by winning
    an Olympic silver medal, and one of the two Indian badminton players to ever win an Olympic medal. Sindhu also won silver in Women’s singles at Commonwealth Games 2018  and 2018 BWF World Championships. This is nothing but an achievement for Indian females who are largely absent from the global platform. Here’s to more women representation!

Thus, 2018 has been a Year of Women, and rightly so! It was year for important movements, new strides and new roles. We can only hope that moving ahead, 2019 will continue to be a year that women make new strides in all aspects of life!

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.     

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