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Unexplored Corners of the World: A List of Places you should Visit Next

Explorers have scaled the globe to find new and exciting places to visit that are not just less ‘touristy’ but also have breath-taking views to offer. Remote exotic places have a unique charm that is taken away once they come in the limelight.
If you are someone who has been looking for places that are largely unexplored, you have landed to the right page! We have rounded up 5 such places that are rather amazing to visit and should be definitely considered for your next visit. So without further ado, here are our top 5 picks!

#1 Abisko, Sweden
Many of you have always yearned to see the Northern Lights and believe us when we say that the trip to see the Northern Lights itself is absolutely magical! However, the run-up to it is pretty expensive and therefore many travelers are discouraged from doing so. However, what if there was a budget-friendly way to explore the Northern Lights?
Abisko in Sweden is your best bet to watch the magical lights since the village experiences more clear lights than anywhere else thanks to microclimate. This village is also a pretty sight in itself with its different hiking trails that follow the Scandinavian Mountain Range. Additionally, the national park is famous for hosting various winter sports and visitors can also enjoy the Midnight Sun since it is located 195 km north of the Arctic Circle.
Like us, if Northern Lights is your only wish, then head to Abisko, you won’t be disappointed!

#2 Zakynthos, Greece
This Greek Island located in the Ionian Sea is one of the most underrated destinations since it is largely overshadowed by the more famous Mykonos Islands. A holiday in Zakynthos is surreal, peaceful and full of amazing sights. Famously known by its Italian name Zante, the place has plenty of shorelines, forest wilderness, and traditional rural villages. You will witness some spectacular scenery that will take you to another zone! The highlight of Zakynthos is the unreal turquoise blue waters that are drop dead gorgeous.
Enjoy in the lap of the blue waters at Zakynthos!

# 3 Borneo
Borneo is situated in the extreme southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean and is the third largest in the world! It boasts of some incredible wildlife-rich equatorial forests, landscapes and a rich culture. Dive among the turtles at the tiny Sipadan Island waters which is covered by 40 acres of pristine forest. However, we guarantee that it is the marine life which will bowl you over! Alternatively you can head up to the beautiful Kinabatangan River which acts as a pathway into the tangled interior of Borneo. The land is populated by the adorable pygmy elephants and proboscis monkeys. And for those travelers who are truly foodies then they will enjoy the local food here that is heavily influenced by Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisine. In totality, it is a place to enjoy!

#4 Kanatal, India
If you are looking for a refreshing get-away in India then head over to Kanatal which is a tranquil suburb of Mussoorie. While it isn’t very popular (thus featuring on this page) it is a picture perfect place that boasts of heavenly scenery, luxuriant vegetation, and bountiful adventure activities. If you want to head over to a relaxing and serene place that is not populated by tourists, this is your best bet! Right from sight-seeing to trekking, rappelling and even setting of on a jungle safari, you can experience everything!

#5 Tawang, India
India is home to some scenic villages and towns that are largely unexplored by the masses. One such beauty is the scenic town of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. This town has a wonderful combination of breathtaking valleys, stunning rivers and spectacular waterfalls. If you are looking for an adventurous trip then this is your perfect destination, considering it is situated 10,000 feet above sea level, Tawang is a difficult place to reach. But once you reach this beautiful place, you will be in for a spectacular surprise!

This round of some of the most spectacular but less explored places will help you plan your next vacation! When you do reach there, don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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