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The Joy of DIY

Do you like to look at old ideas and think about how to give a modern twist to it? If your answer is yes we welcome you to the DIY club. Designing your own outfit is like changing the fashion to fit you. After all, Fashion fades style is eternal. This must have happened with most of us that we come across a stunning rida / dress but can’t afford it. A simple solution to this is designing your own and slay it with confidence. We hold this absolutely true that everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

To motivate and encourage all you inbuilt designers we present to you a few ridas exclusively handcrafted by US. To make your life easy we have also given deets to where you can find what to make and flaunt your own outfit.

This elegant party wear Rida is completed DIY. We know when we say this you will give it another look and think to yourself not possible. But it’s true. This two toned fabric was a gift which I thought to transform into something that will turn heads. Since I wanted to make it a party wear I decided to complement it with a golden floral lace (found at one of the lace shops), the leaf lace is from Iraq (something I had from before). To give it a dainty touch further we added the zardosi work patch available at one of the Mumbai markets called CPchawl. To complete the look we approached a local embroider and with his help added shimmer dots all over. In a fraction of days a chic Rida was ready.

The next Rida we designed was a daily casual one. I don’t clearly remember where the fabric is from however, I found the cute chevron lace and check border at the market mentioned above. Loved it so much that simply layered it till the top. The colourful flowers you see patched up are just stuck appropriately. Next my local embroider was to the rescue, added stars to give my outfit a dreamy look, just as I wanted. Doesn’t look that simple right?

This next Rida was a complete brainstorming session with loads of inspiration from some of the most extraordinary designers we have come across on Instagram. So I got this very beautiful base fabric with tiny rose prints from @thefabricsouq and planned on making it a Rida that would stand out. Another visit and I bought some borders from her. While brainstorming the parallel lace idea struck me and I set about designing the rida. Within no time the Rida setting was done and believe it or not the Rida was completed in just 2 days! This Rida remains my favorite!

The last smart colorful ensemble may look very well designed for a DIY, but believe me I made it from scratch! This is quite an old Rida when the trend for such triangular borders was very much in trend. I called up a friend and we went on fabric hunting! After choosing the base (when small dots were so much in-vogue) I went crazy with colors and got these pinks and yellows! Gave the whole concept to my tailor and he did an excellent job with the border and flowers. Yes, I did ask him to add some bling! I was young guys, didn’t know the best. But yes, it was an amazing Rida nonetheless.

Remember, people will stare, make it worth their while!

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